10 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Read Matt Cutts’ Blog

First lesson of SEO 2.0: You do not need to read Matt Cutts’ blog. I never do unless someone points me to a post that in most cases just confirms what I knew, read or thought before.

Why? Let me tell you:

1. I do not like shallow celebrities like Paris Hilton. So I do not like Matt Cutts for being a celebrity

2. Matt Cutts is not SEO 2.0! He is Web 1.5 at most. Well, he sometimes says things like “linkbait is great” but most of the time he just repeats stuff that we heard prior to 1999 like “content is king”

3. Matt Cutts focuses too much on SPAM. I do not engage in SPAM so why should I read about others doing it?

4. Matt Cutts does not look as good as Marissa Mayer

5. Matt Cutts uses a boring WordPress theme

6. Matt Cutts blog is private, I do not want to disturb his privacy. Moreover I read the Official Google Blog instead for official announcements you can sue Google for

7. There is too much cat content on Matt Cutts’ blog

8. Everybody reads Matt Cutts blog, I’m special, so I do not

9. I read blogs and I comment there, but I am afraid that commenting his posts will make him discover my site and ban me in Google for no apparent reason

10. Matt Cutts never invited me for a beer or a guest post on his blog

You see, I could go on forever like that, but I read somewhere that people love lists with 10 items.