10 Reasons to Follow Me/SEO 2.0 on Twitter


One of my favorite architecture blogs published a post called “5 reason to follow ArchDaily on Twitter“. Wow. Why didn’t I think myself of it?

While the post itself seemed clumsy and the reasons were not enticing enough to follow them the sheer idea of the post was spot on.

Explaining the Benefits of Following Me

Thus I decided to convince those of you who still don’t follow me on Twitter to do so.

Moreover I’d like to encourage you to write a post with reasons to follow you as well!

First things first though. Here are the 10 reasons to follow me + the SEO 2.0 blog on Twitter.

Screen shot of onreact Twitter account header, description and avatar
  1. Look at the most unique headgear in Twitter town!
  2. Read daily updates, not just occasional ones
  3. Get fresh search, social media and blogging links you in many cases won’t find anywhere else
  4. Find out who’s cool at Twitter and in the search and social media sphere by watching me communicate with these people
  5. Get some hard core rants: I’m fervently independent, wary of Google and I kick fake Web celebrities in the butt
  6. Enjoy my one of a kind humor while I ridicule bogus media phenomenons like the swine flu
  7. Endure my limitless arrogance while I tell you what search, social media, blogging and the rest of the Web are about
  8. Get some bizarre world views fueled by my diverse background in Eastern Europe, Hip Hop, media activism, vanguard art, web development etc.
  9. Learn how to network with people you’ll never actually see or meet in real life watching me doing it
  10. Experience the benefits of me retweeting, sharing and spreading your links in case they’re worth it

Now think about yourself:

  • What makes you truly unique?
  • What do you tweet about people could really care for?
  • How do you support your virtual social network?
  • How do you contribute to your industry, subculture or community?
  • What are the reasons you’re on the Web, into social media and Twitter in particular?

Take one or two of the best answers for each question and devise your own list! Tell me several reasons to follow you on Twitter. I might do it!

Did I just convince you? Are these benefits worth it? OK, then. Follow me now on @onreact!